Monday, April 2, 2007

Sometimes you have a bad week.

But then your husband e-mails you an adorable picture of your sleeping little puppy, and that makes you feel a little better, because he is so damned cute all snuggled up in his blanket (which he pulled over his body all by himself, using his teeth - his TEETH!), and also because you can use it to stop being a lame-ass who doesn't give her three cherished and loyal blog readers anything new to look at in almost a week:


Robyn said...

Mark is obsessed with trying to cover up the cats with blankets and they just climb out and get on top. It frustrates him to no end.

sseremetis said...

Oh... my... god... That is TOO cute Amy!! I can't believe he does that all by himself.

PS- Robyn, my bf does the exact same thing with our cats... and they always climb out too.