Thursday, April 26, 2007

A clarification

Is Chickenbone's last name really Jones? Of course not. His last name is, obviously, the same as mine.

The nickname "Chickenbone Jones" actually comes from this cute, and altogether true, story. About a month after he came to live with us last fall, Chickens was walking with his dad through downtown San Jose when they happened upon a bunch of trailers, lights, and ropes cordoning off an outdoor set at City Hall. Turns out it was a shoot for a rap video. The two of them walked around checking out all the neat stuff and trying to figure out who the rapper was, and they came upon a guy behind the barricade, relaxing on a bench in a hospitality area. Tall, skinny dude, with bling. 

As Sal walks by, the guy stares down intently at the little dog, who stares right back. Sal feels moved to say something. "That's Chickenbone," he says. Guy's face breaks into a grin, and he nods slowly, knowingly. "Chickenbone," he drawls. "Chickenbone JONES."

Exactly, dude.

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