Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Watch this. It's terrific.


Gamy said...

The kid's real name is ALFIE. How perfect is that?

check it out:

Amy said...

My favorite part is when he sneered, "Is that what I asked you?" What a kid.

Robyn said...

I tried to watch it at school without sound, but that wasn't working out. I'll watch it later, but for now: This reminds me of the time I ran away when I was 3 because I was pissed that my brother existed. I somehow opened the overhead garage door singlehandedly and ran away to the front yard and stood in the rain crying. You see, I wasn't allowed to go past the front yard.

Amy said...

And that reminds ME of the time I ran away after a fight with my mom. I might have been 10. I had just read book that had a line I thought was really dramatic and cool: "You just lost a daughter." I scribbled that angrily on unicorn stationery and left it on the bed. I packed three things: underwear, a long package of saltine crackers and my dad's really nice glass-lined thermos full of water. I set off. A few blocks later, a dog barked and it scared me. I dropped the thermos, which shattered, and then I ran home sobbing. What a wuss!