Thursday, March 15, 2007

Your not going to believe this

Yesterday I began packing. No, we haven't the faintest idea where we'll move or when we'll move there, but our agent wants us to haul away our personal, messy junk and enjoy a "spartan" lifestyle while our condo is on the market.

Everything was going fine until I accidentally wrote "CD's" on one of the boxes, in big, black Sharpie letters. I sat back and stared. CD's? c-d-APOSTROPHE-s? I don't think so, Jake! I was so mad at myself. You see, it all started when I accidentally made the "s" uppercase, and so in a flash, I went ahead and added an apostrophe, to make it look like a plural word instead of C-D-S. But then I realized that makes me about as numbskulled as the bad spellers and grammarians I mock all the time! I considered tearing the box lid off and starting over, but then I realized a better course of action would be to write "CD's" on two more boxes. Because if you are going to be wrong, be wrong so boldly that it makes others wonder if they are wrong.

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Burst of Happiness said...

This is a very normal thing to do.