Monday, March 12, 2007


I know I'll probably sound like a breathless little ninny when I tell you about this, but dude. I partied with Demi and Ashton.

Demi. And Ashton. They were at a fund-raiser my husband and I attended Saturday night at the home of a venture capitalist in Palo Alto. Like, in his living room. Where I was. Standing right next to them. Next to Demi and Ashton.
OK, I didn't really get to talk to them, because they rushed out pretty quickly after the presentation. But that's fine, because I am not good with meeting celebrities. I hid from Shirley MacLaine a few weeks ago. I hid from Paul Newman, who was also at Saturday's fund-raiser. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrities. I love to look at celebrities, talk about celebrities, read about celebrities, ponder celebrities ... I just chicken out when it comes time to actually meet one. And the reason is, I know myself. I know I will stammer and get all sweaty and the only thing that will come out is something foolish, like "Um .... wow ... I mean ... it's YOU!" So usually I save myself the embarrassment and gawk quietly from a corner.

So, some quick observations: Demi looked much younger than I would have expected, and not in that pointy, botoxy way. She kept putting her hair back into a ponytail and then taking it out again, which I think means we should be best friends, since I do that while I'm watching TV. Ashton was tall and he had fancy Hollywood hair. He looked bored out of his skull the whole time. Around his wrist, he wore a teeny red piece of Kabbalah floss. I looked it up, and that's one fancy piece of string:

The Red String protects us from the influences of the Evil Eye. Evil eye is a very powerful negative force. It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. Envious eyes and looks of ill will affect us, stopping us from realizing our full potential in every area of our life.

Quick, get your protection here!

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