Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"You had a bad dayyyyyy...."

Here is how the day is going down, at barely 2:14 p.m.

1. I had an argument on the phone with a "service provider" who was so incompetent, so completely and blitheringly stupid, that I had to yell at them several times, including something that went a little like "Ma'am, I seriously want to assure you, to SWEAR to you, that I COMPLETELY, one THOUSAND PERCENT, underSTAND and compreHEND what you have been repeating to me OVER AND OVER again, OK? I'm not even KIDDING about this. I. GET. YOU." I later yelled other things that made me feel bad, so I apologized. Which kind of made me mad all over again.

2. In the ladies' restroom, I had to remove somebody else's ass-paper from the toilet seat.

3. Just now I glugged down about four swallows of a carton of milk that, though I purchased it from our company's cafeteria mere minutes ago, had expired almost a week ago. Expired, then curdled.

Next, if I'm very lucky, a giant safe will fall from the sky, squarely onto my head.

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