Monday, February 26, 2007

Do you want to see a picture?

This post will be ABSOLUTELY HUGE for me, if only I can figure it out. You see, earlier, I was really hoping to post a picture of Madonna, but I'm not entirely sure about how all that works. I mean, I can't very well just go running all over the Internet posting other people's pictures on my blog, can I? Won't that break all sorts of laws or something? Won't I get in trouble? And aren't I the most conscientious journalist you ever did see?

Anyway, someone just sent me this silly photo of my husband and I taken at an event Saturday night, so maybe it's time to practice my photo-posting skills! Get ready, blog! First photo post ever!

There I am! Haha! It worked! Holy crap. (Funny: I'm pretty sure that posting my first picture made my face look EXACTLY like it does in that picture!)

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