Wednesday, February 7, 2007

And I was on such a roll...

I'm so disappointed that I haven't written more frequently. This blog didn't do anything to deserve that kind of neglect.

I have good reasons, though. The best of them being, Lost. What you need to know here is that I wasn't smart enough to start watching Lost at the beginning like everyone else. Even way back in 2004 when people shook me wildly by the shoulders screaming "YOU MUST WATCH 'LOST'!!!!" I was like, um, no thanks, I'll stick to Survivor! Because there's no way THAT wacky and unpredictable program has jumped the shark!

Anyway, since then, every time somebody mentioned how groundbreaking and exciting this show is, I got this sinking feeling in my stomach. Like the whole country had these awesome island friends they partied with every Wednesday night, and nobody invited me. Well, when the third season rolled around, my husband and I finally forced ourselves to take a look at what we had missed. The regret was instantaneous and painful.

So with a month before season 3 was set to resume, we decided to make a run for it. We borrowed the first two seasons on DVD and watched them all. "Watched them all" doesn't sound nearly as grueling as it should. Maybe numbers would help. We watched 14 disks. That, my friend, equals 57 episodes. In. Four. Weeks.

Which even then wouldn't be so crazy, unless you knew what kind of sick-assed TV fans we really are. Unless you knew that, as our numb asses made permanent imprints on the couch cushions, where we sat bleary-eyed for four friggin' weeks, our Tivo was busily recording all the other shows we watch. And there are so, so many. Too many to count. Too many to confess to. But the thing is, they are all quality shows. My husband and I aren't the types to just flip on the TV because we are bored. We watch TV because we love TV. Because our shows are like our little babies. We love them. We looooooove them. Big shows! Little shows! Funny shows! Sad shows! Crazy shows! And we have so darned much love to go around.

Back to Lost, you can probably tell that we are now fans. So here we are, almost Wednesday night, and how nice it feels to be caught up with the rest of you.

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Burst of Happiness said...

You mean it took you a month to watch two whole seasons of "Lost"? We did it in a couple of days. OK, but really, we would watch like 5 a night until we caught up.