Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cheering up

I was feeling blue today, so in an attempt to shake it off, I went for a run. Here is what I saw:

- A display of autumn leaves so spectacular it took my breath away. In the middle of a green grove of trees stood one that had dropped a blanket of impossibly bright yellow leaves. It was as though a 100-gallon drum of yellow paint had spilled all over the ground. I stopped running to stare, and it was hard to believe my eyes.

- A man with a toddler in his arms, spinning around and around in a tire swing, their heads thrown back in laughter. He stopped when he heard someone coming. I wish he wouldn't have.

- A new skate facility with boys on tiny bikes and skateboards doing crazy circus tricks in the air.

- A surprise addition to a nearby park: an almost-finished fenced-in dog park with a separate area for small dogs, doggy drinking fountains, benches and trees.

- A rainbow across the stormy sky, the giant half-circle kind where you can see all seven colors.

I feel better now.


Gary Hoh!!! said...

Where should I go surf
That I haven't been lately
Yes! Chickenbone's blog

Gary said...

By coincidence
I check your blog this morning
After an earthquake