Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good ol' nature

This may very well be the strangest post I ever write. But OK, sometimes when I have trouble falling asleep at night, I try to mentally sweep myself away to someplace impossible. I imagine what neat things I might see, what strange discoveries I would make, and it stops my mind from racing with real-life stress or the next day's to-do list. Before I know it, I'm fast sleep. Like maybe I escape to the tippy-top of snow-capped Mount Everest, beneath a black and starry sky. It's barely cold at all, and in the moonlight I can see the pointy tops of neighboring mountains. Or maybe I zoom up to the Golden Gate Bridge, to a perch atop one of those towers, where I watch waves and fog swirl around below. Or perhaps I plunge to the most murky depths of the deepest part of the deep, dark ocean. I especially love this one because of the sheer mystery of it. I mean, what the hell is down there? It could be anything. Anything! And today I find out, it could even be this giant elbowed squid!

I am so enchanted by that video that I've watched it at least six times. It's just the most magnificent thing I've ever seen! I do hope this doesn't backfire and give me nightmares. Perhaps in my meditation-dream I'll have him fix me a cup of chamomile and hum a lullaby.


Robyn said...

I remember when we went to Six Flags, only to find we were not "roller coaster compatible." You talked about how you love roller coasters so much that you lay in bed thinking about them. We eventually compromised. I did the scariest thing I ever did by going upside down, and you only made me do it once. Sorry about that, by the way.

Amy said...

Good lord. I AM weird! But seriously, if I didn't do something to jerk my mind out of day-to-day nonsense, I'd never get to sleep. And thinking of REALLY unreasonable things seems to do that for me. Like that roller coaster thing? When I think of that, it's like slo-mo. Swooping and stars and gliding and upside-down skies. Not barfing or screaming or whatever. Oh crap this is impossible to explain. I'm embarrassed.