Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My baby is a centerfold

All I can say about the above picture is, it's a good thing Chickens rarely flips through magazines. Because if he saw this he'd be totally pissed.

This month San Jose Magazine published a fun spread featuring local celebrities and their pets, and Chickenbone and his dad were invited to a photo shoot at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose. Now, anyone who has ever met Chickens in person, and perhaps even frequent readers of this web site, will take one look and know this photograph definitely does NOT capture his handsome side. I mean, look at that lolling tongue! Those goofy eyes! The ears pasted to the back of his head!

But still, I totally know this face -- this is the face of a dog whose wee little mind is being blown to bits by a bunch of new people paying attention to him. New smells and noises, new furniture to jump on and carpet to sprint across. This is a face that is going "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Whereas the face I usually see when there's a camera around is "Please stop it with all of the clicking and the flashing, as some of us are trying to get some goddamn sleep."


Doc said...

All the dogs make me nervous, but Sal is looking SHARP. And so famous now. We miss you guys.

Later, Spinner

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