Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game over

Luckily the only person who played also nailed the answers perfectly. Making it the lamest game ever. Seriously, who thinks up this crap? So congratulations, Tball, you win. You will be getting something ultra-awesome in the mail just as soon as you give me your new address.

Speaking of Tball, I have been meaning to point out that he created a fantastic life list on his blog. I don't know why, but it's soooo much more interesting to read other people's life lists. My own seems a little blah, maybe it's because many of those ideas have been bouncing around in my head for ages. Ho-hum. But Tball's is so thrilling! Here are my favorites:

6. Have a beer in a beachside bar on at least six of the seven continents.

21. Visit Antarctica and take pictures of penguins.

26. Make a portrait of a random person in every one of the 50 states.

36. Ice skate under the stars, holding someone's hand, while wearing a scarf.

Ooooh, the scarf! Love it. When I read this list, I totally envisioned Teeb doing all of these things, movie-montage style with majestic background music, one quick flash after another. Very inspiring! You should totally go make a list, too.

Moving on, I have been quite obsessed with this drama unfolding at San Jose City Hall. It's a live webcam view of some teensy baby falcons! Born just this morning! About an hour ago I witnessed feeding time, during which mom sat atop what appeared to be a dead, headless pigeon, and she ripped off shreds of meat, which she stuffed gently into the open baby mouths. Nature = unappetizing. But it's awesome to watch nonetheless. Someone controlling the camera zooms in every now and then, so you can see the furry baby heads.

And finally, go read this blog post my husband wrote about this nutjob woman we sat next to at a musical this weekend. See, this is why I have my own private blog, so I can come right out and say this chick was batshit crazy and was lucky we didn't clock her in her stupid, loud face.


Craig Lancaster said...

Oh, how I hate the theater jerks. Had an unpleasant encounter with one just this week at a Ben Folds show.

OK, yes, it was a rock concert. But during "The Luckiest," a quiet, beautiful ballad that just happened to be the first-dance song for my wedding, this woman two seats down from me -- AND DRUNK OFF HER ASS -- is laughing and talking.

We were in the third row. I figure even with the monitors coming back at him, Folds had to have heard what was going on.

It's a bunch of crap, I tell you.

Sophia Seremetis said...


Just googled Chickenbonejones and this was the first post I saw... And it cracked me up... I'm bad with personal correspondence, but HELLO and hope all is well for you and your not-so-new-anymore job :)