Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hm. That might've been a little hasty.

I'm sorry, but can anyone tell me who wrote that last post?! The one about borrowing dog pee? Because I don't quite recognize that burst of optimism as being my own. It is gone, and I can't recover it. Not 24 hours after I hit "publish post" on that sucker, I decided the whole idea was silly and futile.

And I still think that.

Because guess what. I remembered that we don't have time to borrow dog pee. To make the whole borrowed-dog-pee scenario work, we would presumably have to borrow it, like, a lot. And we don't see our neighbors very often. Maybe once or twice a month are we all home at once. And frankly, I think bringing a dog into our back yard to pee every now and then is going to piss Chickens off a lot more than it will make him cooperative.

That's the bad news. But I have good news, too: We found a vet tech who would love to come house-sit for us. She can express a bladder, she lives five minutes from our house, and she is delightful. And get this - she already knows Chickenbone because she works at his vet office. Uh, can you say MFEO?! So today I made reservations for three nights in July our favorite hotel in Santa Barbara. Just me, Sal and the little Meesters!

ROAD TRIP, YOU GUYS! Bladder-free!


Amy W. said...

Hi Amy,

A long time ago I tried to register to comment on your blog, and it kept not letting me do it. Rest assured, I read Chickenbone Jones religiously, but I haven't commented. So I want to rectify that situation and am trying to register again. Hope it works this time!

Amy W.

Amy said...

Thanks, Amy White! Your comment prompted me to get my act together and finally post again. Comments are like tiny pieces of a gold to a lonely blogger, you know :-) Miss you!