Friday, June 25, 2010

8 months old

We have some new tricks to show you. For instance, Mia loves to clap!

She also loves to blow raspberries. She has in fact livened up many a car ride by making fart noises in the backseat for miles on end.

Mia loves to gnaw, slurp and suck on anything you put in front of her. Or under her. Like this chair.

She also loves to laugh at her mom, who is making silly sounds from behind the camera.

Our Mia. God, but she's a charmer. Of all the milestones and new tricks and skills and habits, the most distinguishing thing about my daughter is that wherever she goes, she forces people to adore her.

Here is a scenario I have seen dozens of times. We go to a restaurant. From her perch - be it car seat, high chair or our arms - she scans nearby tables to pick her first target. When she has settled on someone, she stares at them intently. Without blinking. Without flinching. She patiently bores her eyes into her prey, craning her neck to catch their gaze, to the point that I am almost embarrassed - like, hey, kid? That's kinda rude to stare at people that way, did nobody tell you?!

When the person finally notices that strange baby staring at them, that's when Mia flips the switch. All of a sudden the catatonic stare melts into batting eyelashes, hands tucked coyly under her chin, and squeals and giggles and a thousand-watt grin. Predictably, the target begins to coo and smile and say over and over again how PRETTY that baby is, how FRIENDLY she is. And would you look at that SMILE? And those EYES!

And at this point, once she has reeled them in, do you know what this child does? She moves on TO THE NEXT PERSON. I'm not kidding, I have literally seen her tackle four tables in one meal. And of course, as we're leaving, she flashes a friendly grin at each of her new pals. But I just know that in her head, she's thinking, "Hahaha! GOTCHA, suckas!"


Amy W. said...

Hope to get to meet Mia soon!


Hannah said...

hahaha Kenny will do the SAME THING! I wonder if it's an 8 month thing?

Robyn said...

She's the cutest darn baby ever. Who could possibly resist?