Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's turn this bad boy around

I'm pleased to report that in an effort to make the universe stop being so mean, I have performed three selfless deeds, one of which was petrifying and therefore practically heroic.

First (and least scary) I nominated my friend Robyn's funny blog post for Five Star Friday. If you don't know what Five Star Friday is, that's sad for you. Because it's a collection of highly entertaining blog entries, posted (when? WHEN?) each Friday, and it's great reading if you're a short-timer who must pretend to be working for at least another half-hour before she can leave early in a respectable manner. The founder of Five Star Friday is none other than good ol' Schmutzie.

Then last night, because my husband was tied up in a meeting, I showed up 90 minutes early to Indiana Jones and held our place in the nerd line all by myself. New pet peeve: Dummies who show up to a movie premiere as big as Indy and then gawk and squeal and pretend to be horrified by the long lines. Pipe down and move it along, rookies.

Finally, this morning I spied a large daddy longlegs spider crawling near the baseboard in the kitchen. I might not have noticed if it weren't for Chickenbone trying earnestly to give it a kiss. I quickly grabbed a glass and placed it over the spider, who freaked out and started going that scary huffy-puffy thing daddy longlegs do when they're agitated. It wouldn't crawl into the glass, though, and I was afraid to move around too much for fear of accidentally crushing one of its wee legs. So there I was, squatting for like 10 minutes, tapping the glass, scootching it around, and swatting away the dog who wanted NOTHING MORE IN LIFE than to lick this spider. Eventually I reached over to the counter and grabbed a magazine, worked one of the pages under the rim, and coaxed the spider into the cup. Then I walked (calmly, but veryveryveryquickly) outside and set the lad free.

Turns out that old ladies in parking lots? WAY scarier than spiders.

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