Friday, March 21, 2008

Not a blog for people who hate lists

Today ends my six-year run in the Mercury News sports department. Starting next week I'll be working in features as Food+Wine and Home+Garden editor. Let's toast the occasion with a list, shall we? (List now, vodka later!)

10 cool things at my desk that may or may not survive the move:

1. Faded blue and green streamers, hung up by my friend Tball, who decorated my entire desk to celebrate my wedding engagement.

2. Page from The Onion day-by-day calendar, with photo of a somber, uniformed feline standing at a podium above this headline: "War on String may be Unwinnable, says Cat General."

3. Bobblehead doll of "Crusher," mascot of the Bakersfield Blitz, which is the arena football team I covered when I first began working in sports.

4. Baseball ticket signed by Oakland A's shortstop Bobby Crosby, whom I met (stalked, tackled, whatever) in 2005 when Sal and I attended FanFest.

5. Signed photograph of the Sharks' Patrick Marleau, who joined me in reading to a class of schoolchildren a few years ago.

6. Now-deflated SJSU Spartan "Thunder Stix," once banged loudly above my head by the joker who sits in the cube next to mine, as I sat here typing furiously and sweating bullets to make Friday night football deadline.

7. 2007 calendar with images of Maui, purchased on the honeymoon.

8. A book, left on my desk as a joke, called "The Only Boy in Ballet Class."

9. Dilbert cartoon, in which Dilbert goes "I think we have snails in the office. There's a slime trail on everything." Thought bubble above Tina the Tech Writer reads "That might be the second sign that I'm addicted to hand lotion," as she pushes down on a lotion pump that's as big as her head.

10. Four mostly empty bottles of lotion.

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Robyn said...

Remember those tiny succulents we had at The Californian? And mine died and I traded it with yours and then you took it back and left that creepy pasted-cut-out-letter ransom note?

Congrats -- your new job sounds so great that I want it.