Sunday, May 13, 2012

Like mother, like daughter

Ten things I do because my mom did them:

- Make a mean fried-egg sandwich.
- Wake my daughter to see something cool in the night sky.
- Experiment in the kitchen.
- Run from bees.
- Bring food to neighbors. Especially new ones and sick ones.
- Tell my kids every night to "dream about angels."
- Dig up a good joke to lighten a bad situation.
- Yearn to see new places.
- Worship my crock pot during winter.
- Teach my kids to wave at airplanes. (Which, if you look closely, totally wave back.)

Three generations at the bathroom mirror


Sarah said...

Oh my. I love your stuff. Your writing reads like fried chicken and fried pickles and chocolate pudding all in one. OK. That sounds gross but you get the idea, right. Love you from afar... Sarah

Amy G. said...

Adore this.

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