Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty as a picture

Here are a few pictures from Mia's first professional photo shoot. These beautiful photographs were taken by Kevin Meynell, the talented, hilarious photographer who kept me calm and laughing on my wedding day four years ago. I was so happy when he agreed to take our first real baby pictures, too. And all our schedules worked out that he took these on the exact date of our anniversary. It was a very sweet way to spend the day.

To be honest, I kind of expected that Kevin would just get here and, snap-snap-snap, take a few nice photos and then go home. I should have known better. He clearly adores his job, and I know that because I watched him work so damned hard at it. He spent almost the entire day here, dragging around 9-foot backdrops and gigantic umbrella lights, setting up "studios" in various parts of our house, and working feverishly to dazzle Mia into a thousand grins.

Here's the whole (human) family.

Partway through the day, Mia had to lay down for a nap, at which point Chickenbone decided to check out one of Kevin's backdrops. And by "check out" I mean "pee on." But Kevin just used the opportunity to take more cool photos. That's why we love the guy. Here's a great article about Kevin, along with a few more samples of his work.


Robyn said...

Great pictures! I have some to share, too, one of these years.

Amy W. said...

These are such great shots, and your photographer is so talented! Thank you for sending me the link to view all the pictures - they're amazing. I will write more by e-mail soon!



Eric Pinkela said...

Holy smokes, those are incredible pix. Of course, your daughter is easy to photograph, but that guy made YOU and SAL look good! Genius.