Thursday, December 24, 2009

All we wanted for Christmas

This morning when we opened the door to his cage, Chickens stood up and walked out.

He may have wobbled like a drunken sailor, and after two steps he promptly fell down. But this is still huge, huge progress. Three or four weeks ago, he couldn't stand on four legs even with our help - we'd prop him up and he'd flop down like a rag doll. But this time, ever so briefly, we had dog who stood up and walked all by himself.

Now, there's still much ground to cover and many problems to solve. For instance, how to get the husband off the couch, where he has slept every night for three weeks because that's the only thing that keeps the caged dog from barking and waking up the baby. Or how to get Chickens to learn how to pee without his beloved lifting of the rear leg. But for today we're just going to be grateful for his Christmas gift to us.


Doc said...

Three cheers for Chickens!

Robyn said...

I'm so happy! Yay Chickens! BTW, Mark always thinks your stories are larger than life and he doesn't believe the whole paralyzed Chickens story. But I do. And so does T-Shirt Face.

Anonymous said...

Yesss Chickens!!! way to go!! Nana is going to send you a gift. Amy and Sal you are both amazing, I would have gone insane a new baby and a hurt old baby you should be so proud of your selfs!!I sure am proud of you!
love ya bunches, Nana