Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unhappy pup

Well, Chickens came home yesterday from the hospital where he had emergency back surgery. But things are tough. He's extremely sad, pissed off and afraid. And who can blame him? He's locked in a cage, he's wearing one of those giant collars, he can't feel his legs, and he has a long gash in his back that has been stapled shut. We spent much of last night with one baby or the other bawling their face off, often both at once. Today's goal is for mom and dad to remain as positive as possible, even if we have to fake it. I think our stress is noticeable by both Mia and Chickenbone, and we'll all have a better time of it if we can somehow put on a smile and pretend this isn't the most difficult thing our little family has ever been through.

Things will be a bit better, we think, when the staples are removed in a week and he can lose the giant collar. Until then, we're taking it one hour at a time.

Thanks so very much for the kind thoughts and prayers. Chickens is such a loveable little guy and it makes us feel better to know that he has friends out there rooting him on.


Anonymous said...

Now, I am sending best wishes to Mom and Dad to make it through the next week. I bet Chickens will be a bit better in a day or so after he is less annoyed by the whole vet thing and his gash is more comfortable.

Good luck

Robyn said...

Oh, I'm so sad. You're doing everything you can, but I know how helpless you probably feel.

Laura said...

Arco sends his best doggie wishes to Chickens and hopes he'll feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Bosco said he is sorry he was mean when chickens visited him, and Dakota and Renner and cuddles said they hope he is feeling better. Nellie said hes sounds like a nice lunch..Lucy smacked nellie for that comment and said when you sleep can she come sleep with you? they said they will send a treat for chickens when their mom comes to visit.