Thursday, May 28, 2009

New thing to save if the house burns down

I had the loveliest surprise on my front porch when I came home from work yesterday from my friend Robyn, who creates the prettiest things you ever did see, right out of thin air. Check this out:

It's a baby quilt, WITH MY DOG ON IT! Chickens on a blanket! Isn't it marvelous?! And since we aren't finding out the gender of the baby until it's here, Robyn cleverly used a nice balance of pink and green with a soft brown lining that will be perfect in either case.

How Robyn found an applique that looked so much like Chickenbone is beyond me. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but he's a somewhat peculiar-looking dog. Handsome, for sure. But unlike any other dog anywhere, ever. This patch is spot-on, though, especially with the shape of the ears, the tilted head, and those ridiculously short legs. In fact, this is exactly how he looks after he sprints into the kitchen when he hears me grabbing cheese out of the fridge!

Thanks, Robyn, for a present that includes BOTH my babies!


Amy G. said...

Love it! Can she make me one with Steve's head on it?

Robyn said...

Awww, shucks. What I did was I had Chickens kidnapped and then I had the CIA scan his little body into a Xerion Rl5 machine with quadro hydration digital imaging and got a perfect reproduction of the dog, which I then shrank, printed on paper and eventually cut out of fabric. I made sure they scanned him while getting cheese out of the fridge. Crazy, huh?!