Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, hi!

Are you here to see me? How disappointed you must be. Because here I am, at long last. Only I'm here to do the thing I swore I'd never do. Which is to apologize for not blogging. God, I can't stand when people do that. It's the weakest post ever. But the only thing I can't stand more than that is to envision someone checking back repeatedly, only to find the same dumb stale post. I hate when bloggers do that to me, even more than I hate whiny posts about being too busy to blog. What a tizzy I'm in.

Tell you what. I like blogging, and maybe you like when I blog. I really would like to get my own URL fired up with some sort of interesting design, something that really SAYS "chickenbone jones." But if I don't have time to blog, I REALLY won't find time to get that project cooking. So I will leave you hanging no longer: I'm calling a little blog break while I figure all that out. I'll post an update here when it's ready. Or, if you want, I'll even send you your very own personal e-mail when the real CBJ.com is up and running. Just post a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you'd like that. You are a great person.


T-shirt Face said...

Chickenbone Jones is a vital part of my webly news updates.

curry18 said...

WTF???? no cheery Chickenbone christmas stories???? Nothing even slightly amusing has happened since the 4th????? get on it!