Friday, November 2, 2007


When Chickenbone gets a great dog treat -- and I'm not talking some dumb milk bone; I'm talking something so very special and savory that it blows his little MIND -- he does this weird thing where he whines and scurries around "burying" the treat over and over. It's ridiculous. I read somewhere that when a dog gets something it really adores, it instinctively feels it must do SOMETHING to protect it. But domesticated dogs don't really know what that thing is, as it's been awhile since they had to worry about enemies stealing their food or whatever. So they just sort of fret and worry as they try to figure out the protocol for handling such a treasure.

Well, one of Chickenbone's favorite treats is the pig's ear. A triangle-shaped dried piece of flesh that actually came from a pig's head. You can actually see little veins and stuff inside. It's grotesque, but boy, does Chickens love these babies. The other day I gave him a really gigantic ear, and I used my digital camera to film this video. It took me six hours to load it onto the blog, so, like, there probably won't be a sequel. Also, it's not edited whatsoever, and it's sort of shaky. But this is my very first video, so what do you want? Also, my house is kind of messy. So just don't look at that part. Enjoy.

Chickenbone and the pig's ear from Amy on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Your dog is amazingly adorable, but not so smart. He's our favorite pugdachua.

Robyn said...

My coworker says he has obsessive-compulsive disorder and needs a doggie psychologist.

Tim said...

That is hilarious! You can totally tell that he's pissed at you following him to all his secret urban-doggie hiding spots, too.

Rachel said...

i love how he goes to each. and. every. room. in the house. a very methodical pup, that chickenbone!